Lock N Braid

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Locks, Braids, Cornrows, or Twists – Lock N Braid has been developed to help you get the look you want all-day without stickiness or build-up.

Infused with natural ingredients for healthier hair and total control. 


  • Safe for the scalp and hair
  • Deep Hydration
  • Deeply nourishing and quickly drying
  • Suited to all textures and hair types
  • Extreme Hold, Smooths and reduces frizz 
  • No Flaking, Itchiness, or Drying 
  • High Shine finish and definition to waves 
  • Powerful holding technologies that provide long-lasting hold
  • Helps in defining parting with ease every time for Braids

Our formula delivers more grip allowing you to have firmer holds on Twists Style and tames your locks and braids; Lock N Braid formula has more grip and more care for your hair.


You can achieve these hair styles using Lock N Braid