How to take care of your Hair Extensions

How to take care of your  Hair Extensions

Written by: Glenda Irby

The Importance of How to Take Care of Your Wig/Hair Extensions:

We all love wearing hair extensions or wigs as they have been a forever staple within the black beauty community. There are various types of wigs and hair extensions that are on the market from which we can choose. These allow us to change our hairstyle at a moment’s notice. As well as change our style for a special event or just to experiment with a new hairstyle.  And others, use it to protect the length and health of their natural coily hair for a prolonged period. And as such, we may have 2, 4, or even 10 wigs that we have in our collection that we wear on rotation. If we need to continue wearing them, we need to take every step needed to maintain their longevity.

The Importance:
With every wig/hair extension that we purchase, we are spending our hard-earned coins on it. We are checking the reviews on the brand’s website/social media or with friends who have made previous purchases. In addition, we are watching multiple youtube video reviews on other people's honest feedback about it. We need to know that the brand is selling the highest quality hair. And more importantly, we are trying to know the shelf life - will it last 1 year, or 3 years?  All of these are taken into consideration before we make the purchase. And as such, we must ensure to take care of the wig/hair extensions as it is considered an investment.  Once you are regularly providing maintenance for your wig/hair extensions, you will get multiple wears out of it as it will last years beyond what you expected.

Tips on How To Take Care of Your Wigs/Extensions:

1 - Cleanse and condition on a need basis:
We tend to use a lot of products to keep it looking sleek and slick all day which causes product build-up. In addition, the natural oils/sebum can seep through into your lace/hair extensions which causes them to loosen. Therefore, you have to keep it cleansed especially after wearing it for a longer period. 

To wash your wig:
1 - Fill your sink or a bucket with lukewarm water
2 – Add a small amount of shampoo
3 - Gently swirl the wig in the water
4 – Rub gently on the lace area to remove any product build-up
5 - Then rinse it thoroughly with clean water.
*You should avoid rubbing or wringing the wig, as this can damage the lace.

After cleansing, ensure to follow up with a conditioner. Conditioners aid to keep the hair looking and feeling soft and silky. As well as, moisturizing the hair to prevent it from becoming tangled, dry, and brittle. This keeps the wig/hair extensions in a healthy condition for the next time you decide to wear them.

To condition your wig:
1 - Apply the conditioner to the ends of the hair
2 - Work your way up to the roots
3 – Detangle using a brush or wide-tooth comb
4 - Then rinse it out thoroughly with lukewarm water.

2 - Keep it detangled using a brush:
One of the most important things you can do is to keep your wig/hair extensions tangle-free.
The best tool to use is a wig brush to detangle starting at the ends and then work your way up to the roots. The brush's bristles are evenly spaced so it’s able to detangle the wig without causing the hair to break or unnecessarily shed. In addition, it will keep the wig looking smooth, silky, and shiny all day long.
And more importantly, do not brush the lace of the wig or near the roots of your extension.

3 - Protect the lace:
The laces of wigs are usually very delicate, thin, and soft. This part of the wig has to be as it is the area that blends into our skin tone to give off the ‘scalp’ look. With that being said, it can easily tear, fray, or break down. This can be due to product use, hairbrush (or comb), hot tools, scratching, and rubbing it. As well as, throughout the life of the wig the lace may be weakened with time. You must ensure to protect the place at all costs. When you are maintaining your wigs/extensions ensure to be careful if you have to touch the lace.

4 -Do not go overboard with heat styling:
We are not condemning the use of hot tools as they can be used to create a glamorous style. However, 

do not go overboard by styling daily with your curling or flat iron. These tools emit very high temperatures that can cause serious damage to humans or synthetic. They can destroy the hair’s fibers which will reduce the quality of the wig so they will not last as long.

5 - Keep it in storage, ALWAYS:
You should store your wigs or your hair extensions properly to prevent them from becoming tangled. And more importantly, to prevent it from being irreparably damaged. The best way you can store your wig is on a wig stand or the satin/silk bag that you received it in. This will keep the hair in a cool place so the natural moisture, sheen, and vitality are maintained. You should also avoid storing your wig near heat sources or in damp areas, as this can cause the hair to become brittle or moldy.

In conclusion, taking care of your lace front wig is essential for keeping it looking great and prolonging its lifespan. By following the tips outlined above, you can keep your wig clean, moisturized, and free from tangles, and protect the delicate lace from damage. Remember to be gentle when brushing and styling your wig and store it properly when you're not wearing it.

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