Deep Wave

BeYofi Naturals

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Length: : 14"
Color: : Black


Take a cue from our Deep Wave Collection and embrace your inner curly goddess. You obtain ringlets and waves that are well-defined and true deep wave patterns that are soft to the touch. We think the best is what you deserve. C&B Aesthetics promises actual luxury with an attention to detail and a commitment to continue delivering the greatest, highest quality products.

  • All raw materials are selected from high-quality natural black Brazilian hair. 
  • Defined waves that form into amazing ringlets
  • Thick Hair Strand
  • Combines seamlessly with relaxed or natural hair
  • Directly cut hair from a single donor
  • Absolute purity
  • NOTHING synthetic
  • Thick with naturally tapered tips from root to tip
  • Will revert to a natural state after wash
  • Wefts that are flat and secure enable covert installations.
  • Tangle-free and low shedding with regular care
  • This wavy texture is thicker, denser, and fuller than other wavy textures you have used.
  • Maintain a curl for a long time.
  • Lifespan: 3-5 years with good maintenance
  • Quick shipment
  • Advance Equipment and Machinery are adopted without hair loss

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